Cotton Candy Circus *Shootout Traveling Box* Tween sizes

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***Sorry, currently not in production. No availability at this time. 

Our Cotton Candy Circus is now available for rental!!!! This traveling box includes ....

Size 12 Ringmaster (leotard version)

Size 8 boys knickers and suspenders 

Size 10 Tight rope walker dress (pink dress)

Size 7 clown

**Ringmaster hat and the tight rope walker headpiece are also included**


 *Please note this is for a RENTAL of all items listed above. You will get to rent them for the dates listed below and then send them on to the next renter. We will ask for photos of items upon arrival to ensure that the proper care has been taken.

If you are late on shipping the item to the next renter you will be charged a $50 late charge for every day that we have not received a receipt.

Price includes shipping to you and to the next renter.  The day before the return shipping date you will receive a shipping label via email.

*Rental dates are for Thursday through Sunday, shipping back Monday.  Due to delays with the mail we ask that you schedule your shoot for a  Saturday or Sunday  just in case there is a delay. We are not responsible for any delays with the postal service.

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