Green Meanie Cupcake Dress *SMALL BATCH

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Introducing a delightful Green Meanie dress inspired by a beloved holiday character, this enchanting outfit captures the spirit of a mischievous yet endearing creature who discovers the true meaning of the season. This charming dress features vibrant hues that bring to life the whimsical world of a popular holiday tale

Fitting up one size and down one size for a perfect fit. The back laces up, allowing you to adjust the dress to your client or child’s  measurements. The design captures the essence of a mischievous spirit, with its unique patterns and imaginative touches that will surely spark the imagination of any young girl who wears it.

Perfect for holiday parties, festive gatherings, or simply spreading cheer throughout the year, this enchanting dress is sure to become a treasured addition to any little girl's wardrobe. Let your little one embrace the magic of the holiday season in this captivating and whimsical dress that captures the heart and spirit of a timeless tale.

Turn around time is 8 weeks

📸 By Enchanted Eye Creations by Tara Mapes

Head Mistress for headpieces and Snobby Backdrops for the backdrop

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